Artist Talk – Archetype and Land: Bärbel Ullrich

Wednesday 27 September 2017 | 10.30am – 12 noon
Gallery 2

In this Artist floor talk, Bärbel will discuss the development and journey of her land-based arts practice. She will discuss the processes and methodology in her work as well as some current ideas emerging in eco philosophical thought.

She would argue that nature is inherent creativity can be incorporated in the printmaking process. Nature is not just an object but an ‘actant’ – it is active, self-creative, productive and unpredictable. She will discuss human participation in a shared vital materiality – our relationship to the material environment and how we can interact and collaborate with it to produce prints that are a new ‘truthful’ representation of land. Come and join Bärbel as she takes you through her art processes and philosophy behind her work.

Bärbel gained her Master of Arts and an MA Hons Visual Arts at Charles Sturt University. From 1995 – 2014. She taught History & Theory, Drawing, Painting and Printmaking in the Visual Arts Department at GOTAFE Wangaratta from 1995-2014 and at present is undertaking a PhD in Philosophy at CSU, Wagga Wagga – a primarily studio based research with a written exegesis. She has exhibited nationally and her work is held in the Wangaratta Art Gallery Collection and Murray Art Museum Albury.
In her current research, Bärbel wishes to challenge traditional representations of land, where new ideas about nature, the environment and the human relationship to nature or the non human world become prevalent in contemporary ecological thinking. She uses printmaking as a primary method for the creation of images, based on land/environment.
Barbel said “It is a collaboration and a synthesis of artist, process, subject matter, emotion, materials, techniques and nature. The preparation of my plates, predominantly collagraph, includes working with the environment.
With printmaking everything is a bit of a surprise, especially when working with the environment – the artist has to relinquish total control of the process and allow for chance, experimentation, variation and unpredictability in marks and techniques as a means of expression. Accidental effects might change the experience and the outcome”

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image: Bärbel Ullrich