The Ovens River – A River Red Gum Forest Jewel – Glen Johnson

Wednesday 18 October 2017 | 10am – 12noon
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Art + Ecology
Art, Science and Cultural landscapes coming together to celebrate the River Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis)

Join local ecologist Glen Johnson, DELWP Senior biodiversity Officer for the Hume Region for an ecological overview of what makes the Ovens River ecosystem tick & why is it so special.

Glen enjoys aspects of work that generate real, tangible, and positive on ground outcomes that help protect threatened species and communities. He has a passion for working with like minded people, and energising others to raise community awareness, understanding and stimulate participation in conservation actions. “I love doing things that make a difference!  I was into bird watching from a young age, enjoyed the bush and outdoors and although I far from excelled at school absolutely loved ecology (how plants and animals interact with the environment). I’ve had the privilege to work in a range of amazing Victorian ecosystems from the Alps to the Mallee, Native Grassy Ecosystems to Tall Forests, and love coastal environments too.”

Glen commenced work in the head office of the then Fisheries and Wildlife Department (early predecessor to the current DELWP) in 1984 and soon after cut his threatened species teeth working for 12 months on the mysterious nocturnal Bush Stone Curlew in Northern Victoria. The key species he worked on include the Mountain Pygmy-possum, Spotted Tree Frog, various threatened orchids and other endangered plants, more recently Macquarie Perch and for some time now Regent Honeyeater conservation.


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image: Glen Johnson