Anthea Kemp – Painting Place

26 September – 3 November | Gallery 2


Painting Place is an exhibition depicting and evoking a place – the farm and bushland on which the artist grew up on – instilling emotion and memory for place, not just for herself but also for the viewer and their own personal memory of a place.
This ‘sense of place’ is a constant for Kemp and is a lens through which she views her paintings in relationship with the intimacy of the landscape she inhabits. This series is a return to her childhood landscape, working on site, collecting and making studies of specific areas enabling her to investigate colour changes through different times of the day then resolving with a series of colour palettes in her studio. This exhibition is a close intimate response evoking memories, moments and personal nostalgia.



image: Anthea Kemp, Light & Place (detail), oil on canvas, 183 x 133cm