Archetypes and Land Spiritual Belonging: Bärbel Ullrich

22 September – 28 October 2017 | Gallery 2



An exhibition of new work by artist Bärbel Ullrich. This work is based on the representation of land and place to which Ullrich has a deep sense of connection and belonging. Ullrich delivers consistent themes concerned with the environment and what the artist claims is a required ‘spiritual shift of the human approach’.

“My work is based on the representation of land within a specific area or place to which I have a deep sense of connection or belonging. I have depicted the landscape as a manifestation of the creative force and as such imbue it with a sense of spirituality. My work intends to reflect the need for a spiritual shift in our attitude to the environment as the unity of existence and the interconnectedness of life on the planet is the basis of my philosophy.
My work aims to explore and a new personal visual language that is in homage to Mother Earth, the Great Goddess and the Gaia principle. It will contribute to the current changes and ‘shift’ in representations of land from the past ideologies and cultural attitudes imbedded in the Australian landscape ‘tradition’. This also means identifying with Aboriginal culture and spirituality, acknowledging past histories and moving forward in finding a personal sense of belonging to place and a new personal language of representing land that is not Aboriginal but also breaks with Western tradition.
The aim of the work is to show the primacy of land as sacred, the interconnection of all life on the planet and the evolution of our imagination towards inwardness and connection with a greater whole – a move away from our outward anthropocentric view and intense preoccupation with the human towards a focus on the world and environment where the earth is seen as the primary symbol of ‘God’ or Goddess’ – the divinity, the transcendent.”     Bärbel Ullrich 2017


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image: (top right) Bärbel ULLRICH, Earth Print, mixed media, 53 x 53cm.© Bärbel Ullrich.