Beard and Influence – Clayton Tremlett

26 May – 8 July 2018 | Gallery 2


An exhibition of prints by artist, Clayton Tremlett. Beard and Influence invokes the dictionary definition of the verb to beard – ‘to oppose face to face, set at defiance or to boldly confront or challenge’.
Clayton Tremlett’s bushranger self-portraits provoke consideration about convictism, larrikinism, resistance to authority and the emergence of a national identity. In reconstructing himself (over four years) as these figures – part men, part myth – Tremlett asks us to consider what it is that different styles of beard might signify for modern-day wearers and observers, and what elements of masculinity are men seeking to express or project in wearing them.



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Image : Clayton Tremlett, Self Portrait as the Bushranger Harry Power,  2016, Linocuts, 77 x 55 cm