Kate Just – SAFE & HOPE Banners

1 June – 6 August 2017 | WPAC

To coincide with the 2017 Contemporary Textile Award the winner of the 2015 Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award, Safe by Kate Just will be featured with its sister banner Hope. These two significant works are proudly now part of the Wangaratta Art Gallery Collection.

Excerpt from HOPE/SAFE Book Project

“My recent banner projects, KNIT, HOPE (UK) and KNIT SAFE (Melbourne), respond to violence against women and recent coverage of this issue in the media.
In 2013, I travelled around the UK to work with artists, individuals and knitting groups on the public project KNIT HOPE. It involved the communal knitting of a large scale, retro-reflective fluorescent yellow and silver banner that spells HOPE in block letters and various ‘HOPE’ walks in public at night with it. The word ‘hope’ was chosen as hope for a brighter future is a universal drive. Hope is also the name of my young daughter, so the project is coloured with my personal wish for her future.
On return from the UK in early 2014, I undertook the KNIT SAFE project in Melbourne. It involved the crafting of a sister banner, a night reflective black and silver blanket that spells SAFE. The word ‘safe’ engaged with public declarations that Melbourne needed to be a safer city for women and the city’s subsequent deployment of security cameras and extra lighting to this end. The KNIT SAFE project, like the KNIT HOPE project, was initiated to create a counterpoint to predominant ideas of women’s isolation or impending vulnerability through collective, creative agency and its documentation.”

Kate Just, 2014


image: Kate JUST, Hope Banner, 2013, Bricklayer’s yarn, retroflective thread, nylon, cotton, aluminium, 120 x 120cm x 25. Winner of the 2015 WCTA. Wangaratta Art Gallery Collection.