Louise Saxton : The Linen Project

9 February – 31 March | Gallery 1

Louise Saxton is a mixed media and assemblage artist based in Melbourne who, for the past 13 years has worked primarily with discarded and disinherited needlework. Through a long-term commitment to materials originally made by others and an exacting and painstaking process of reconstruction and homage, the artist has sought to elevate, once everyday and now disappearing, domestic linens.

The Linen Project is a new body of work, which celebrates the embroidery and lace that Saxton is known for extracting, reimagining and reconstructing, and now also brings to light the inherent beauty and humanity found in the linens, cottons and silks, which held the needlework in place.

This major exhibition pays homage to past lives and past labour, featuring unique textile assemblages created by Louise Saxton from discarded and disinherited domestic linens, collected over several decades. This new body of work celebrates and reflects upon the importance of everyday linens in caring for family and community.

The Linen Project has been generously supported by the St Vincent’s Hospital Artist in Residence Program located at Caritas Christi Hospice, Kew.



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image: Louise Saxton, Wall Garden, 2016-2017, detail, H 300 x W 192cm, reclaimed needlework, lace-pins, nylon tulle, acrylic battens. © Louise Saxton, courtesy of the artist and Gould Creative. Photo by Gavin Hansford.