Melanie Irwin – Abdominal Envelope

Saturday 14 September  | 12 noon – 3pm


Abdominal Envelope continues Irwin’s investigations into the geometric dimensions of human movement and habitation and the metaphorical potential of the membrane. This ongoing body of work celebrates the dynamic tenacity of the human body and makes space for a feminist revelation of the body’s unspoken primal intelligence

Irwin creates large patchwork textile ‘bubbles’ that are inhabited by performers. These bubbles wander around gallery spaces—expanding, transforming and imploding—during performances that last for a number of hours. Strange and sometimes clumsy, the amorphous entities swallow up the artist’s sculptural structures from the gallery surrounds and their elastic surfaces envelop the performers in spaces that are protective but also constrictive.



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image: Melanie Irwin, Spherical Approximations: The Material Has No Memory, performance still, West Space, Melbourne, 1 August 2015. Performers: Danica Chappell, Emma Collard, Klara Kelvy. Photo: Christian Capurro.