Metamorphosis – Smart Textiles workshop with Tricia Flanagan

Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 July  | 10am – 3.30pm (each day)
Cost: $280    Gallery Friends/Conc – $260
Age: 14 and up


In this two day workshop you will create Lenticular Heatset Thermoplastic textiles. Tricia developed this technique for the collection “Cricket Songs” commissioned by Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The process combines two digital images with screen printing, stitching and folding which are then clamped and steamed to create a textile image that appears to move. In nature ‘metamorphosis’ is the change from one form to another. On day one, Tricia will present her work exploring smart textiles and wearable technology. Then we will get to the handson tutorial where you will learn to silkscreen print a lenticular image onto thermoplastic textiles. On day two, we will add colour to the printed images with textile inks. Then learn the techniques of folding, stitching and clamping to prepare your sample for heat setting and be shown how to permanently set the fold lines in a steam bath. At the end of the day we will unwrap our samples and compare results… you will be amazed how the dynamic images come to life through this process.

What to bring

All materials for this workshop will be supplied to create an A2 size lenticular heatset
thermoplastic textile. You are welcome to also bring lightweight organza or polyester (recycled
from old clothes or curtains is fine) to create your own experimental heat-set origami folded textile

(One hour will be allocated for a lunch break, BYO or explore local Wangaratta cafes.)


Tricia Flanagan

Tricia Flanagan is an artist whose work inhabits a threshold, where digital and analogue crafting
rub together. Her work questions the evolution of our future bodies and wearable technologies
and speculates on new ways we may interact and inhabit the world of the future. Her work is
exhibited and published internationally, represented in private and public collections in Australia,
Ireland, Germany and China. She is known for her research in Human Computer Interaction,
Cyborganics and Haptic Interface design. She represented Oceania at the Tornei Contemporary
Textiles Biennial in Belgium and her work is held in the collection of the Hong Kong Heritage
Museum. Recently, her work has been shown at Taipei Museum of Modern Art Taiwan and Japan
Foundation Gallery Sydney. Flanagan established a Wearables Lab for Hong Kong Baptist
University in 2009 and currently leads research into Wearables at the Creative Robotics Lab and
the Interactive Media Lab at University of New South Wales where she is a lecturer in Textiles and Sculpture.



Booking and Pre-Payment is required
rsvp Friday 5 July 03 5722 0865  or
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image: Patricia Flannigan, From the Cricket Songs collection – Early Autumn “Courting Song” no.1 (Seated). Photo: Scotty So