The 64th Blake Prize 2016

19 November 2016 – 8 January 2017 | In Gallery1

The 64th Blake Prize A Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre Exhibition toured by Liverpool City Council.


The 64th biennial prize for religious art aims to encourage contemporary artists of disparate styles, religious and spiritual allegiances to create significant works of art which engage in relevant conversations and negotiations.

First staged in 1951, The Prize is named after the legendary British artist and poet William Blake (1757-1827) whose broad range of artistic and poetic innovations, visionary imagination and radical politics made him an outsider in his day.

Winner of the 2016 Award, Yardena Kurulkar’s work titled ‘Kenosis’, an inkjet print on archival paper depicts a heart of clay that slowly dissolves in water. The artist states;

“…I use a terracotta replica (made with the help of 3D printing) of my own heart. The heart is the first organ to develop in a foetus. I use water to portray the passage of time and also an agent of purging… This work is an attempt to capture the erosion, resurrection and elusiveness of human life.”

The Blake Prize continues to engage contemporary artists, both national and international, in conversations concerning faith, spirituality, religion, hope, humanity, social justice, belief and non-belief. It has always invited a much more open, personal and idiosyncratic response, so much so that it has earned the criticism, ire and sometimes applause of critics and the public alike. After all, what is religious or spiritual art?

The touring exhibition includes works by: Cigdem Aydemir, David Asher Brook, Zanny Begg, Adnan Begic, Liam Benson, Angela Casey, Valerio Ciccone, Darron Davies, Tamara Dean, Shoufay Derz, Robert Hague (winner of the 64th Blake Established Artist Residency Prize) , Abdullah Syed Muhammad Iyhab, Shannon Johnson, Alan Jones, Yardena Kurulkar (winner of The 64th Blake Prize), Tom Lawford, Matthew McVeigh & Ida Bagus Rekah Bakurha, Reg Mombassa, William (Bill) Moseley & Joanna Logue, Damien Shen (winner of the 64th Blake Emerging Artist), Sally Simpson, Sarah Spackman, Angela Tiatia, Brenda Walsh, Zan Wimberley

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